Behind The Brand


I'm Jess! Instictively I always jump to introducing myself as Jess, the wife; Jess the Mum of 3 and whilst I absolutely am those things I also just Jess, coffee addict, sweet tooth, lover of sunrises, handmade obsessed, an entrepreneur and creative at heart.

I’m obsessed with the beach, it’s the calm to my chaos! You’ll find me there every opportunity I get; sandy toes, with the waves crashing over my feet, the sound of those waves both calms and fills my soul.

 The birth of Violet Days Collective has been a journey that has evolved to something totally different than what I set out to create.

When my youngest was about 4 months old I was struggling, struggling in silence. It started off with feeling a little flat and over the next 8 months snowballed into days so filled with anxiety I'd withdrawn from my friendships; I'd find excuses not to go out because I lived in a constant state of fear about all the things that could go wrong. 

How did nobody notice you ask? Looking back now, I can see I've always had struggles with anxiety.  Here's the thing about living with anxiety, you get so good at hiding it, so good at pretending you are OK that you manage to hide it from yourself! I am so grateful that a work colleague who had also suffered with it approached me about it and it was then that I fell in a heap, opened the flood gates and knew it was time to do something about it.

These days I know myself better, understand myself better and I’m learning to let go of the things that don’t serve me. I now know that NO can be an entire sentence and I’m getting better at using it! I understand that my needs and feelings matter. I’ve finally figured out that wife and mum isn’t my entire identity, I’m allowed to also be just Jess.

In 2019 I created an Instagram page (my escape from the world) and fell into brand repping. It gave me an outlet to be creative and I fell in love with taking photos of not just my compliant littlest love, but products. I found creating flatlays and images so therapeutic and over time that humble little Instagram page grew into a story.  A journey of motherhood, a journey of womanhood, a journey of my own growth and a journey of creating connections and growing beautiful friendships.

It was through that love of flatlay images that I started to get creative in my shed, playing with Ecrylimer and acrylic resin. My intention was to create a store with these pieces but the universe had other plans in mind! As I started to explore this idea of creating a store and through talking with some amazing biz Mums the penny dropped!

Women, specifically Mums were my passion. Creating communities to help them grow and thrive. A place where nothing was off the table. A place where they can be themselves and take their own journey of learning to love themselves through selfcare and help them create spaces that fill their souls. I wanted to build a community and I wanted to support Mums in calming their chaos.

At Violet Days Collective you will find a range of beautiful pieces for your home, treats for YOU (because you deserve it), resources to help you grow and explore your own journey for all different kinds of Mums and over on our Instagram page you will find support and community.

Violet was my beautiful late Grandmas name and she was one hell of a woman! Gentle and nurturing but also fierce and brave, so with a keepsake name so dear to my heart you better believe I will honour her memory by creating a space that embodies the incredible woman she was.

Thank you for letting me share my journey and I hope you'll pop over to my Instagram community and help me build a safe space where we can grow together because together, we will always be stronger.

My inbox is always open!

So Much Love,

Jess x